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Thursday, October 14, 2010


The body of the letter is in itallics with parentheses.  The response has bullets and indentation.

Originally posted on Friday June 26,

“To all our loyal customers please take notice and spread the word that an imposter, a fake and a phony is in our midst.

WARNING!!! Captain’s Gourmet IS NOT affiliated with Capt. Phil Harris. This is an imposter, a fake a phony!!!!”

  • The first sentence is not worth comment. The second sentence is true. Captain’s Gourmet is NOT affiliated with Captain Phil Harris. Captain’s Gourmet is the name of the website that hosts Bering Sea brew.  ( It is owned and licensed to Marsha Cruz. It is, and always has been totally separate from and those involved with it.
“Captain’s Gourmet is being run by Marsha Cruz, an ex independent contractor of Captain’s Reserve. She is masquerading on facebook and has created a website that is selling FAKE and UNAUTHORIZED Capt. Phil Harris coffee and merchandise. She is using Capt Phil’s good name and image to manipulate the fans of the Capt. Phil NATION!!”
  • Marsha was an independent contractor who worked directly with Phil to market and produce Captain’s Reserve Gourmet Coffee. She left Captain’s Reserve on May 29th when she refused to continue to run the company without being paid. When Marsha started her own company she ordered her own blends. They are French and Italian Roasted coffee's, inspired by those of Captain Phil. The blends are enhanced by upgrading the beans to a better quality. This made for a richer, more robust flavor. Any of the remaining Captain’s Reserve Coffee left in her inventory had already expired. Any pictures posted on her website are owned by Marsha, or found online as public domain. There was no hint of manipulation in Marsha’s actions. Thought… WHERE did you get “Captain Phil nation?”
“Neither the Estate of Capt. Phil Harris nor sons Josh and Jake have authorized the sale of coffee or merchandise by anyone other than Captain’s Reserve, the company formed by Capt. Phil Harris himself.”
  • The coffee sale was explained in the above paragraph. You wrote this notice without getting the facts first. Also, any merchandise Marsha had in her possession was her property, or had been given to her by Phil himself.
“To all those loyal fans in the Capt. Phil NATION help protect the image of Capt. Phil Harris. Stand up and help preserve what Phil left for his sons.”
  • It is an insult to the fans’ intelligence to expect them to believe this drivel, especially since the condition of the website and coffee company have declined so severely. At present WE are standing up to help preserve what Phil left for his sons. The incompetence of Russ Herriott has already lost them an untold amount of money!
“MARSHA CRUZ MUST BE STOPPED!!! Her actions are illegal and she if defrauding Capt. Phil fans and customers.”
  • Marsha started a new and separate company, got new inventory, and moved on. Nothing illegal about that. It’s actually admirable. She is in business, filling orders, and shipping them out in a timely manner.
“We urge you to spread the word. Post this to your facebook pages. Email your friends. If you purchased offee from Marsha Cruz/Captain's Gourmet...SEND IT BACK!!!

We ask you to please forward to us your receipts of your purchase from Captain’s Gourmet or any email correspondence you may have had with Marsha Cruz to the offices of our attorney Edward Ritter.  "Send to:
Law Offices of Wershow & Ritter
Attn: Edward Ritter
710 Second Avenue, Suite 700
Seattle, WA 98104 "
  • It was interesting to note that not one bag of coffee was returned to Marsha Cruz as you requested.
 “We are filing a lawsuit against Marsha Cruz and Captain’s Gourmet. Each receipt of purchase is cold hard evidence of her fraud and deceit against the estate of Capt. Phil Harris and his sons Josh and Jake.


  • Marsha Cruz has asked Russ Herriott and his lawyer to  please go ahead and sue her if they felt they had the grounds to do so. If she supposedly committed a crime, why was there never a police report filed? Why is there still no law suit? Once again hollow words and threats.

    Long Live Capt. Phil!!!!!


    Russ Herriott, Managing Director
    Captain's Reserve, LLC.

    On Behalf of,

    Josh Harris, Director
    Jake Harris, Director
    Captain's Reserve, LLC.
REQUEST:  Since June 26th when this letter was posted on, it has become glaringly obvious that Marsha did not cause the decline of Captain’s Reserve Coffee. Her absence from the company was caused due to lack of payment. Mismanagement after the fact is the culprit, not Ms Cruz.

In light of the ineptness of present Captain Phil Harris forum management, and the decline of Captain’s Reserve Coffee almost to the point of non-existence, it is respectfully requested that your WARNING letter be removed from the forum. Ms Cruz should be issued a public apology in its place for your unfounded accusations. The customers deserve apologies for lying about coffee availability both online, at the Corn Maze, and at the Commercial Fishermen’s Festival. What do you say Russ? Will you “man up” and do the right thing?


  1. Thank you Maile, I appreciate this, even if it does fall on deaf ears.

  2. Talking to yourself again Marsha??